River Valley Local Schools

Message from Mr. Peterson

I hope your summer has gone well!

As we begin the second month of school, I wanted to reach out to you to share my gratitude for your support and to make a district commitment to provide the best educational opportunity for your children.

This is my 45th year in education and I am just as excited now as I was 45 years ago as a new teacher in Warren, Ohio.  We have a great school district.  We all need to join hands and work together to ensure all students reach their potential.
The district has made a commitment to a philosophy called the "R-Factor".  In simple terms, it is how we respond to events to accomplish a positive outcome.  You will learn more as the year progresses.  Event + Response = Outcome.
As we dig though data from this year’s state report card, I am thrilled to share that the district’s grade card improved in every category, and we received a grade of “B”.  I am so proud of our entire staff, our parents and the students for the work they did to achieve this accomplishment.  
The decision was made to pull the 1% earned income tax off of the November ballot and put it back on the ballot in May of 2019.  This will give us more time to describe the need for the levy before we ask our taxpayers for additional funds.  Please note that as State expectations have increased, State funds have actually decreased. We have no other choice, but to go to voters.
If you are interested in working on a committee, please call my office at 740-725-5401.


College Credit Plus Information Night

The following information night is for all students and families interested in grades 7-12.

District Calendar 2019-2020

Please click on the link below for a copy of the Board approved 2018-2019 school year.

Online Forms

Please follow the link in order to complete all Back-to-School forms. You will need your child's 5-digit student identification number to complete this which your student should know, and it is also located on their schedule and on power school. You will need to Create a New Account to begin. 


District Information

197 Brocklesby Rd.
Caledonia, Ohio, 43314
Admin Phone: (740) 725-5400
Superintendent (740) 725-5405
Secretary (740) 725-5401 
Treasurer (740) 725-5440 
Fax: (740) 725-5499 
James Peterson, Superintendent
Nancy Lemke, Secretary to Supt.
Cathyrn Zimmer, Treasurer 
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