Football Team Workouts - Spring 2020



Olympic warmup:

Empty bar (hang clean, front squat) 3x6 each 

1A Hang Clean 5x5,5,3,3,3

2A Back Squat 5x5,5,3,3,3

2B Tuck Jumps 5x3

3A Bulgarian Split Squats 3x8

3B Side Plank 3x30 sec side 

4A SL Romanian D.lift 3x10

4B Russian Twists 3x30 sec

5A Overhead Plate Lunges 3x25 yards 

5B Jumping Lunge 3x10 each leg. 

5C manual neck (towel resist)



Olympic warmup: 

Empty bar (clean, high pull , push press) 3x6

1A Bench Press 5x6,5,5,4,4

2A Incline DB 3x8-10

2B DB rows 3x8-10

3A Chin-ups 3x8-10

3B DB shoulder Press 3x8-10

4A 3 way shoulder 

4B V-ups

5A pick one for 100 reps (DB curls, bar curls, trx curls) 

5B pick one for 100 reps (banded pushdowns, closegrip pushups, dips)

Planks 3x1 minute




Olympic warmup :

Empty bar (clean, front squat) 3x6 


1A Hang clean w/ front squat 5x5,5,3,3,3

2A Goblet Squat 3x10

2B DB step ups 3x8 

3A Reverse Lunges 3x8

3B 1 leg hip thrust 3x8

4A Lateral Lunges 3x10 

4B Med ball Skaters 3x5 

5A weighted Sit-ups 3x15

5B Knee Tucks 3x25



Olympic warmup

Empty bar (clean, push press) 3x6

1A Trap bar dead 5x3

1B Tuck Jumps 5x3

2A Bench 4x3

3A Push press 3x6

3B Barbell Rows 3x10

4A 1 Arm DB shoulder press 3x8

4B banded face pulls or pull apart 3x15

4C YTW’s 3x8 

5A shrugs 3x12

6A close grip Bench 3x12

6B DB hammers 3x12 

7A elbow to hand planks/single leg jacks/Plank 30 seconds each 3 sets


Body weight strength workout 

(Do 2–3 sessions per week.)


Station #1 (perform in a circuit mode)

Push-ups weighted with back pack 20 reps

V ups 20 reps 

Wide grip push-ups 20 reps

V ups 20 reps

Feet elevated  push-ups, 20 reps

V ups 20 reps 

Close grip pushups 20 reps 

Repeat 2 rounds 

Station # 2 (circuit mode)

Split squat jumps, 30 seconds timed

Mountain climbers, 30 seconds timed

Repeat 2-3 rounds 

Station #3 (circuit mode)

Alt lunges 24 reps 

Jumping lunges 24 reps

BW Squats 24 reps 

Squat jumps 24 reps 

Repeat for 2-3 rounds 

Station #4 

Pull-ups 5-8 reps  (if access to bar) 

Burpees 10 reps 

Planks 1 minute 

Repeat for 3-4 rounds

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