School Counseling

Contact Information

Counseling Office Phone Number: 740-725-5802 
Greta Kanagy Last Names A-K
Adrienne LaBarge Last Names L-Z
Annette Stump School Counseling Secretary 

Scheduling Information

How do I know if I am on track to graduate, use this tool to assist you. Students, if you have questions please stop by to see your counselor. This is the same form we use to know if you are on track.
Interested in earning a Honors Diploma, use this form to assist you. More information can be found at Students, if you have questions please stop by the counseling office.


Scheduling forms are out for the 2020-2021 school year!
Class of 2023 forms are due December 6
Class of 2022-stop back for more information shortly
Class of 2021-stop back for more information shortly
Class of  2024-stop back for more information
Please see the link for the 8th grade scheduling power point presentation that will be shared with your students.
All schedule change requests must be emailed to:

All Students - Must be taking 5 credits for the entire school year to be considered a full-time student. Please count your credits and make requests to add courses if you do not have enough credits.
*Students are only allowed a maximum of 2 study hall periods each semester. If you are an athlete, check to make sure you are scheduled for a minimum of 2 ½ credits EACH semester.

Athletic Eligibility - Athletes! Please be sure to count your credits for each semester! You should have scheduled at least 2.5 credits each semester. Remember Phys.Ed. and Physical Conditioning are only worth .25 credits (per course). Also, if you have a difficult course, it is wise to schedule more courses the same semester as the difficult course to buffer in case you struggle in the difficult course. For athletic eligibility, students must take and pass 2.5 credits the preceding quarter to the athletic season and have a 1.0 GPA. If you have questions about athletic eligibility, please ask Mr. Barry Dutt - Athletic Director (740-725-5800). If you have questions about counting credits, please ask Mrs. LaBarge or Mrs. Kanagy - School Counselors (740-725-5802).

Please remember that River Valley High School Counseling Department reserves the right to adjust schedules as necessary. 


  • Please complete a Transcript Request Form when submitting college/scholarship applications to the School Counseling Office.
  • Please email to request a copy of your transcript.
Please be courteous. The School Counseling Office requests a 3 school day notice for processing of transcripts or college/scholarship applications.

Ohio's State Testing

      It is imperative that all students testing arrive on time and report to the designated room listed on their letter. Letters will be mailed out  and reminder notes will be given to the student at school.  Your child’s attendance during the testing time(s) is/are required. They are to report at the regular time (7:50 start time) on the date(s) they are testing. If your student does not report during their required assessment time it will be considered an absence. 
      Buses will operate at the regular time, if the bus is the only means of transportation for your child they can ride the bus to school and a study area will be available to them. 
      Please remember that your child must accumulate a total of 18 points on these State Assessments, within the seven subject areas which are English 9, English 10, American History, American Government, Algebra I, Geometry, and Biology/Physical Science, in order to meet graduation requirements. Students can score one to five points on each test. Within the 18 points a student must earn 4 points in English, 4 points in math, and 6 points in the areas of science and social studies. Students can earn up to 35 points total. This is a graduation requirement.

College Credit Plus

*Questions regarding College Credit Plus, please contact Adrienne LaBarge at 740-725-5802 or

To learn more from the Ohio Department of Education's Website, please visit:
 Link for MTC CCP Application: 
Link for OSUM CCP Application:
Information on the Academy Program at OSUM:
CCP Application step sheet from MTC: 
CCP MTC Participation Form: 
CCP Accuplacer testing information:
CCP Accuplacer Test Prep :
CCP required particpation scores: 
CCP Information Session Presentation:
CCP accepted MTC students Canvas Account setup: 
CCP accepted MTC students Internet Access and Email Setup: 

Marion Technical College Documents for CCP students

College Planning



Free Application for Federal Student Aid - 

OSU- Marion - FAFSA workshop -

 OASFAA for additional workshops -  “FAFSA Help Ohio” page at:  
The 2020-2021 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) has opened at The FAFSA is the form to apply for financial aid in college.  The FAFSA is used by colleges and scholarship organizations to determine financial need. Based on this information students may qualify for grants and scholarships to help pay for college. 

OSU - Marion provides workshops to help families complete the FAFSA, regardless of whether or not they will be attending Ohio State, as a community service.   

The following link has more information including registration for the FAFSA workshops:  
There is also information to help families understand the FAFSA process. Registration is REQUIRED for all workshops. Additional FAFSA workshops are available state-wide on the OASFAA  webpage called “FAFSA Help Ohio” at:  

Be sure to check your potential college(s) for FAFSA deadlines. Some colleges have deadlines as early as November 1st and some as late as Feb.1st. Early applications are HIGHLY encouraged so that the scholarship funds aren't used up by the time you apply. 


Please see the documents below for the scholarships we currently have, you may stop by the counseling office for a copy of this information. 


Link to Naviance - Family Connection
Naviance Test Prep Video
If you need your family access code please contact your school counselor.

Time Schedules

Tri-Rivers Career Center

Online Courses

Online Course Information

River Valley offers online flex credit courses. River Valley pays an outside vendor for each online course. The district will pay if the student passes the course. If the student fails the course or does not finish it by the deadline, the parent will have to pay the cost of the online course. If the student fails the online course the cost of the course will be billed to the parent and added to student fees. Online courses, for Seniors, must be completed by May 10. Online courses for Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors must be completed by May 21.

Need the online course form please see this link:

NCAA Information

NCAA Information

Link to the NCAA Eligibility Center website:

Job Information

Military Information

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