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Home School Instruction

As outlined by Ohio law, parents/guardians who choose to provide home school instruction for their children are responsible for choosing the curriculum and course of study that will be utlized throughout the academic year. Parents/guardians will select the curriculum and educational materials, as well as taking responsibility for educating their children.

Additional information regarding home school instruction can be accessed through the Ohio Department of Education's website at

The Home School Notification Form and Home School Academic Assessment Report provides families with one option for submitting intent to provide your child with home school instruction and verification of successful completion of the academic year. If requirements are met, the district will provide written verification which excuses the student from required compulsory school attendance. This excuses the student and family from school attendance requirements in state law.

Contact Information

For questions or concerns related to Home School Instruction through River Valley Local Schools, please contact:

Ms. Heather Kantzer
River Valley Administration Office
197 Brocklesby RdCaledonia, OH 43314
Phone: (740) 725-5460
Fax: (740) 725-5499