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Committees and Support Organizations

River Valley Education Foundation

PO Box 2581
Marion, Ohio 43301-2581

Established in 1996, the River Valley Education Foundation, Inc., (RVEF) is a charitable non-profit organization. Its purpose is to support the activities of students, teachers, administration and the community of the River Valley Local School District.

As a 501(c)3 charity under the direction of a board of volunteer trustees, the RVEF:

  • Accepts and manages financial gifts for the Foundation's academic, music, athletic and general endowment funds;
  • Serves as a channel for donors to make financial and in-kind donations to the District's clubs, teams and organizations. The Foundation makes mandatory filings and performs other administrative functions required of registered charities. This allows these groups to accept gifts made through the Foundation without the expense and effort of becoming stand-alone charities.
  • Provides a framework for individuals, families, businesses, and other groups to establish memorial or special-purpose scholarship funds. To help ensure wishes are honored, Foundation trustees work with the originating parties to set guidelines for investment and administration.

Gifts to the RVEF may be tax-deductible. Neither the River Valley Education Foundation, nor the River Valley Local School District, offers tax advice.Prospective donors are encouraged to discuss the tax treatment of charitable gifts with a qualified tax professional.

Established in 1962, the River Valley Local School District serves more than 2,000 students in grades K through 12 in Ohio's Marion and Morrow Counties. The district received a rating of "Excellent" on its 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 report cards from the Ohio Department of Education.


  • About the River Valley Education Foundation, Inc. visit the RVEF Facebook Page at: Donations and correspondence may be sent to P.O. Box 2581, Marion, OH 43301-2581. Please make checks payable to "River Valley Education Foundation" and enclose any additional instructions (for example: "Apply to academic fund."). 
  • About the River Valley Local School District, go online to or call 740-725-5400. The district's administration office is located at 197 Brocklesby Rd., Caledonia, OH 43314-9501.

River Valley Education Foundation is pleased to announce the scholarships available RVHS seniors for

  1. Conrad Floridia Scholarship for $500.00
  2. Beth Bayles Volleyball Scholarship for $500.00
  3. Steve Bauer Agricultural Scholarship for $500.00
  4. Joan Cones Education Scholarship for $1000.00
  5. RVEF Scholarship for $250.00 (one for male, one for female)
  6. Brenda Dye Music Boosters Scholarship for $500.00
  7. Tom Shade Scholarship

Seniors should see Mrs. LaBarge at the high school for applications which are due to her March 14, 2017. Winners will be announced at the Senior Breakfast in May.

Anyone wishing to donate to any of these scholarships, send your check to:

PO Box 2581
Marion Ohio 43302

Please indicate which fund you are contributing to.

  • Steve Bauer Memorial Scholarship
  • Beth Bayles Memorial Scholarship
  • Conrad Floridia Memorial Scholarship
  • Alex Masters Memorial Scholarship
  • RVEF Scholarship
  • Joan Cones Scholarship
  • Tom Shade Scholarship

Other Funds

  • Athletic Boosters
  • Music Boosters

 All donations are tax deductible.

Last Modified on January 29, 2017

Board of Trustees

President: Nancy Richards
Vice President: John Lee
Treasurer: Janet Stiverson
Secretary: Jayne Klingel

Trustee: Richard Axline
Trustee: Joe Hamilton
Trustee: Kelly Marsh
Trustee: Shelly Ellercamp
Trustee: James Peterson
Trustee: Steve Badertscher
Trustee: Carla Hoback
Trustee: Lisa Hoback
Trustee: Debbie Faulkner
Trustee: Melanie Comstock
Trustee: Bob Putnam

Last Modified on January 31, 2017

RV Music Boosters

River Valley Music Boosters, Inc. is now a 501c3 Charity Organization!

All donations are now tax exempt and comply with the IRS taxable donation requirements. For more information email the boosters at


To support vocal and instrumental music in the elementary, middle, and high schools
We provided over $18,000 in direct student education support during the '15-16 School Year.

The next Booster Meeting is Monday, January 9th at 6:30pm at the High School

Ongoing Fundraisers:

The River Valley Music Boosters are pleased to provide concessions in the Marion County Fairgrounds Coliseum. We couldn’t continue this fantastic fund raiser without the generous support of time from the parents of music students. Only a couple of hours occasionally goes a long way toward helping us keep this fundraising opportunity. If you are interested in helping please e-mail:

September 2016 News

New Concession Volunteer Program


  • Patron - $500+ 
  • Maestro - $250 - $499
  • Director - $100 - $249 
  • Conductor - $50 
  • Producer - $25
  • Student - $10

Sponsors names are published in the current year’s upcoming music programs.
Please make your generous check payable to River Valley Music Boosters.

2016-17 Officers

President – Edalynn Weiss
Treasurer – Barb Bayles
Assistant Treasurer – Tim Weiss
Secretary – Ann Bristoll
Contact us at
River Valley Music Boosters, Inc.
4280 Marion Mt. Gilead Rd.

Caledonia, Oh 43314

Please Join the Music Boosters Now! - No Membership Fee!