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Student Services

Enrollment Coordinator

Jodi Pickett

To begin the process of enrolling your student at River Valley, you will need to create an account on FinalForms. Through this system you will be able to complete all the forms required for the registration and enrollment process.

If you have questions about enrollment, please contact:

EMIS Coordinator
Jodi Pickett

197 Brocklesby Road
Caledonia, OH 43314

Phone: (740) 725-5430
Fax: (740) 725-5499

Guidance Services

Guidance and counseling services are provided by the district's professional staff including certificated/licensed guidance counselors. The district employs three full time guidance counselors: one at the High School, one at the Middle School, and one that is shared among both elementary buildings.

Guidance counselors are available to assist and advise students about academic, personal, and career issues.

The guidance and counseling program

  1. involves appropriate staff members at every level;
  2. honors the individuality of each student;
  3. integrates with the total education program;
  4. coordinates with available community resources;
  5. provides means for sharing information among appropriate staff members as may be in the best interests of the student;
  6. avails equally to all students;
  7. establishes a referral system which utilizes all the resources the schools and community offer, guards the privacy of the students, and monitors the effectiveness of such referrals.

Our School Counselors

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Adrienne LaBarge

Adrienne LaBarge

Job Title: School Counselor
Locations: River Valley High School
Jayne Klingel

Jayne Klingel

Locations: River Valley Middle School