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Project Updates

This page provides updates and resources related to the projects River Valley Local Schools currently has in progress. Our goal is to continually provide communication and transparency to our community stakeholders.

We appreciate your support of River Valley Local Schools.

Roof Replacements

This will be the largest project, with over 60-70% of the bond funds anticipated to be used on the roof replacement at all four buildings. Mays Consulting was selected to do the evaluation, assessment, and provide the recommendations for going out to bid. At the Middle School and High School, the shingled roofs will be replaced with standing seam metal, and all flat roofs will be overlayed with a material called thermoplastic olefin (TPO) as opposed to the original EPDM material. 

The roofs will also have a 20-year full system warranty, which will cover leaks related to defects in materials and workmanship, will have a no-dollar limit, and will not be pro-rated.  The standing seam metal roof system will have a 20-year warranty on the paint finish, and the lifespan is expected to last 30 years and potentially even longer. This project went out to bid on May 2nd. Once the project has been awarded in early June, work is expected to begin in August.  We have worked to expedite this project so work could begin this year instead of waiting until Spring of 2025.  Mays Consulting has completed a great deal of evaluation and assessment on our roofs. The assessments included using infrared scanning to examine moisture damage, air infiltration, and air exfiltration (to show problem areas needing insulation). You can view documents containing assessments, drawings, and other specifications in the Project Resources section below.

Project Resources

First page of the PDF file: RVBondProjects-Roofs-MaysConsulting-DesignDevelopmentDrawings2024-04-16

Roof Project Drawings

First page of the PDF file: RVBondProjects-RoofReplacement-MaysAssessment

Preliminary Assessment from Mays Consulting
&Evaluation Services, Inc.

First page of the PDF file: RVBondProjects-Roofs-MaysConsulting-DesignDevelopmentSpecifications2024-04-16

Design Development Specifications - Bid Documents

Tennis Courts Replacement

This project started in early April and is well underway with our contractor, Vasco.  Drainage and grading issues will be addressed, and these courts will be constructed using a process called post-tension concrete. Unlike asphalt, which separates and significantly cracks over time, post-tension concrete is engineered to be poured in one complete slab and tensioned with cables, reducing the likelihood of large cracks. The Board also chose a 20-year warranty on this project, which will protect this investment over the life of the 20-year bond.  

This project is slated to be finished this summer because our physical education classes, as well as other students and classes, will be able to use this space; in addition to the bond fund, we were able to use ESSER (Covid-relief) dollars for part of this project. Finally, pickleball lines will also be included on these courts to provide more opportunities for our community to use this space.

Project Resources

Video of the new tennis courts being poured. 

First page of the PDF file: RVBondProjects-TennisCourts-KleingersRemediationDocuments-2024-03-06

Site Plan for Tennis Courts

First page of the PDF file: RVBondProjectsTennisCourtsMock-upofLinesforTennisCourtsandPickleball

Tennis Court Layout Plan

Parking Lot Resurfacing and Sealcoating

The parking lot project will see some areas having full-depth patches, some areas will be milled down and overlayed (repaving), and others will be seal-coated. While not every parking lot could be milled and repaved with the budget in place from the bond funds, our goal is to address as many of the most critical and needed areas as possible. As a result, every piece of parking lot will have some type of work completed, either mill-and-overlay, patching, or seal coating.

Kleingers completed the analysis of our parking lots and provided their recommendations. The parking lot project went out to bid in March, and Iberia Earthworm was selected for this project. This work will be completed during June and July.  Please be aware some areas may be closed or have restricted access when work is being completed this summer

Project Resources

HS/MS Progress - June 6, 2024

First page of the PDF file: 2024PavementRehabilitationSet

Pavement Plans

HVAC Upgrades

This project will go out to bid in early June. The Middle School chiller and one rooftop unit at each Elementary School will be targeted for replacement with the bond funds.  The High School chiller was replaced about a year ago using the Federal ESSER Covid-relief grant funds.  

There will also be alternate bids put out for the other two large rooftop units at both Heritage and Liberty Elementary, as the rooftop units were identified for potential replacement by Stan Associates. Stan Associates was selected to complete the HVAC assessment and produce the bid documents.  The other HVAC-related projects in the buildings will be addressed over the next 5-10 years using the Permanent Improvement fund to repair or replace equipment, as funds allow.