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Welcome to PowerSchool!


PowerSchool’s Parent Portal Web Site improves the partnership between parents, teachers and students. It enables both parents and teachers to hold students more accountable. It allows parents and students to easily view student averages, assignment details, homework, participation, teacher messages, and attendance. It also allows for easy access to contact information, allowing parents and teachers to readily communicate.

It's essential to note any information for your child can only be viewed using the Parent Portal account information. No one else can view your son or daughter's information on the internet without it.

This year, we will be adding our elementaries into PowerSchool. Because they are still using standards-based grading scales, it will still look a little different from what you are used to seeing at our middle school and high school levels. However, our teachers will now be able to link assignments and tests to specific standards that appear on the report card so you can check their progress!

As we begin using PowerSchool at the district-level, we will spend a few weeks acclimating ourselves to this new system. Once the bugs are worked out and we feel we are ready to share our data with our parents, we will invite our Parent Pilot Testers to start using the system and report any errors they are finding. (The Parent Pilot Group was open to volunteers prior to the start of school and is already at capacity.) Once this second phase of testing is complete, we will open the Parent Portal to all parents and students for access to their academic progress.

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